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Inventory Clear out #1

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**Update – SOLD**

Hey folks,

As happens time to time a client will change their minds mid project on a color, tooling, etc. and I end up with an extra bib.
So here today, I’m offering up a ready to ship whaletail tank bib made for the 2002-2003 Honda VTX1800C with the VTX logo tooled in and burgundy buckstitch lacing stripes.
The burgundy lacing was special ordered from Australia and compliments the burgundy/wine colored VTX1800C nicely and would also work well to add a bit of color to an all black bike.
The color will NOT match the Bloodstone Red or other factory red variations.  It is wet formed to this specific bike’s gas tank so it will NOT fit any other bike.

The retail price for this bib is $195 plus shipping.  To help find it a new home though, I’m going to put it up in my Etsy Shop for $125 shipped anywhere in the USA…a $70 savings!

burgundy_buckstitch_VTX1800C burgundy_buckstitch_VTX1800C_sunlight

Here’s a pic of a similar bib installed on the owner’s bike.


more completed embroidered pics

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A few weeks ago I announced that I now have access to an embroidery company that can make custom embroidered leather pieces that can be used as awesome full color inlays.  The first pics back were the Harley FXDi35 rear fender pics that I posted here.  Now, the second project owner has shared pics of their new leather installed as well.  This was an image of a tribal-ish white Black Widow that she found and inquired about.  We decided to edge the inlay with red applique braiding to give it some more pop and add some color to the all black VTX1300.  Notice the theme matching footpegs, nice touch!


White widow inlay piece and test samplesWidow Whaletail tank bibEmbroidered inlay whaletail tank bib

A ton of updates coming finally!

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Time sure does get away from you when you’re busy, doesn’t it?  It’s been almost 2 1/2 months since my last confession blog update. So rather than overwhelm all four of you that read my blog, I’ll break it down into a couple of posts including the long overdue Summer Showcase Project.  I’m also doing some housekeeping of old/outdated/irrelevant posts.  Let’s get things rolling with a few pictures of recent jobs, shall we?

  • 2002 VTX1800R whaletail tank bib with VTX Knight/1800 tooling & chrome spots
  • 2002 VTX1800R with full color Eagle & flag tooled artwork, “Let Freedom Ring”
  • 2003 VTX1800C Flarecut tank bib with USMC logo tooling
  • 2007 VTX1800F leather wrapped side covers with chrome spots and yellow edge lacing
  • 2005 VTX1800N whaletail tank bib with royal blue buckstitch and bleed knot concho

There’s more coming, so stay tuned!

2002 VTX1800R Whaletail tank bib2002 VTX1800R Whaletail tank bib

2003 VTX1800C Flarecut tank bib with USMC logo tooling2007 VTX1800F leather wrapped side covers2005 VTX1800N whaletail tank bib

Rear Fender Bibs

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2008 VTX1800N Rear Fender Bib2008 VTX1800N Tank & fender bib set2011 Harley Softail Deluxe fender bib2011 Harley Softail Deluxe fender bib2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750 fender bib

Rear Fender Bibs, a set on Flickr.

Here’s a few of the custom rear fender bibs I have done lately. The newest one was for a new 2011 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe. With a little help from the owner I now have the pattern for the new Softail seat designs with the exposed rear brackets & bolts, check it out!


How to make a fender bib pattern

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I’ve seen this search/request come up a number of times before so figured I would put the information on the blog since I’m writing it up for an in-house project anyway.  Enjoy!

Tools: straight rule or yard stick, tape measure or cloth tape, tools to remove your seat and paper & pen to make notes. (Optional: piece of posterboard to make your pattern).

Step 1) Measure the distance from the back of the seat to the rear pillon bolt (if you have one). This measurement tells us the maximum length of the ‘visible’ area of the fender bib.
Always measure to the center of bolts/holes if possible.

Tooling area length measurement

Step 2) Measure the width of the fender from each vertical side to the other.  Now, from that measurement we’ll subtract 2 1/4″. This determines the maximum width of the bib also allowing space for the 1/8″ thickness of the edge lacing.  I have found that leaving about an inch exposed on the sides of the bib leaves a good amount of fender showing to help “frame” the bib.

fender bib width measurement

Step 3) This one will take both hands but you won’t be holding a camera so you have an advantage already…measure the curvature of the fender itself by laying a ruler from the back of the seat to the seat bolt (measurement from Step 1) and then use a second ruler/tape measure to measure the height of the curve.  This isn’t necessary if you’re making your own bib, it’s for those folks that want to have a custom one made by me.  This tells me how much to roll the bib after it’s made so it lays on the fender a bit better out of the box.

Fender curvature measurement

Step 4) Remove the seat and measure how much area there is from where the seat ends down towards the engine.  It’s nice to be able to secure the from of the bib somehow so either pressure fit, velcro, existing bolts, etc. can be used. Notice on mine, I added three inches to the step 1 measurement to get the overall length (the back of the seat is 1″ away from the card holder).  This is because I am planning a custom seat pan and may move the back of the seat forward an inch or so.  Leaving room for changes!  Note the position of any bolts/ holes, etc. if there are any so they can either be avoided or used in the bib design.

maximum fender bib length measurement

That’s it.  From these measurements & notes a custom bib can be designed for any bike.  All I need to know after that is what kind of profile to give it; triangle, U-shaped, rectangle, spade, etc.

Now, for those folks looking to make their own bib and have their measurements and a blank sheet of posterboard…MOST IMPORTANT THING: fold the posterboard in half and only draw one side (left or right lengthwise) of your pattern.  Layout all of your stud holes, lacing holes, buckstitch, etc. with it folded in half.  Why? Because by folding it first and punching all of the holes, cutting, and so on with it folded in half it will automatically make a mirror image on the opposite side.  All of your curve, hole placements and the other details will match exactly.  Nothing looks worse or distracts an eye more than that one chrome stud that is off by 1/8″ from the rest.  Make the pattern right and everything else is a piece of cake. (For those curious, the picture is of a tank bib but the rule is the same…fold in half first!)

Pattern making - fold your pattern in HALF!

Now, what about those fancy curves.  Well, best way is to buy a French Curve set from your local art/craft store.  They’ll set you back about $10 for a plastic 3-piece set and are well worth the money if you want to draw smooth flowing curves and change directions mid-curve.  If you’re too um, “frugal”, to buy them then many things like coffee cans, soda cans and packing tape rolls make good circles and you can use them in conjunction with a straight edge to make transitions.  Honestly though, just spend the $10 bucks especially if you even think you’ll want or need to make another pattern or heaven forbid, replace the one you’re making now.

French Curve Set

Have fun with it and feel free to post questions/comments below.  For questions on pricing or custom designs click here to contact me.


News Flashes!

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Well, not really a news flash, I’m just tired of always using “update” and there aren’t any synonyms that work so…

Three Mutts is back into full production swing this week after a mostly uneventful move (aside from it taking 5 days and my falling out of the back of the U-Haul truck on Day 2).  Moving a shop is a decent sized pain in the neck.  The packing and moving of stuff is tedious anyway, but when half your stuff weights over 100 pounds and is of truly odd sizes – ever try to stack eight gas tanks effectively? – it just exasperates the ordeal; not to mention the unpacking and finding of tools and daily essentials.  I did find my good pair of Gingher sheers though, so it did have it benefits.

With the move complete and unpacking and sorting underway, I started with the leather shop first and already have multiple jobs in process.  The extra work space is turning out to be a great thing.

Update #1:
I’ll be hitting up the good folks over at VTXCafe this week with an offer to help with designing fender bibs for all the various VTX 1300 and VTX 1800 models and hope to have those on the website in the next few weeks.

Update #2:
I acquired a gas tank from a 1995 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 yesterday and will be getting patterns made up for tank bibs soonish.  The tank needs a little TLC (aka bondo and primer) to get it ready for bib stretching but this marks a move to include the Harley folks that I get requests from occasionally. These bibs will fit all of the ’95-’03 Sportster 1200 and ’97-’03 Sportster 883 with the 3.2 gal. tank from what I can tell so far.

Update #3:
Last but not least, I’m going to be changing the Three Mutts Customs home page a bit in the next month to include more relevant information as well as a new “Three Mutts Client Bike of the Month”.
Once a month I’ll post pictures & a description of a randomly chosen 3MC leather owner’s bike to showcase.  This will coincide with the new photo gallery I’m working on that should look better and display pictures & descriptions better.

Have a great week!

Three Mutts Customs

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a shot of one of the most recent whaletail tank bibs as shown on Doug’s 2006 VTX 1300C:

2006 VTX 1300C Whaletail Tank bib

2008 VTX1300C Whaletail bib pics

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I received a couple of pictures from the client with the 2008 VTX1300C whaletail bib I showed previously.  I love how the red paint & black leather work so well together.  Studs are definitely a theme on this bike!

2008 VTX1300C whaletail tank bib side view2008 VTX1300C whaletail tank bib top view2008 VTX1300C whaletail tank bib

Recent Projects – Honda VTX1300 tank bibs & Aero750 Sidecovers

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Here are a couple of additional projects from this month’s orders for your viewing pleasure.  Have questions or a custom request? Check out the Three Mutts Custom Leather website:

Whaletail tank bib for a 2008 Honda VTX1300C.  Chrome spots line the edges with the same size & spacing to match the aftermarket Mustang seats.

2008 VTX1300C whaletail tank bib with chrome spots & VTX tooling










More pics & descriptions after the jump… Continue reading

Whaletail and standard tank bib listing

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I have finally completed my VTX gas tank collection with my most recent arrival, the elusive 2002-2004 VTX1800 R/S tank.  I figured this would be a good time to post an updated list of the models & years I have available to make whaletail tank bibs for.  Obviously, if it’s on this list I can make flarecut and tuxedo style bibs for them as well.  Three Mutts Whaletail tank bibs are fully wet formed, wrap around bibs made from natural cowhide tanned in the good ol’ USA.  For more information on pricing and options, visit the main website:


Tank bib model list (updated 10/24/2012):

2004+ Honda Shadow Aero 750
2003+ Honda Shadow Spirit 750
2009+ Honda Phantom 750

1998-2002  Honda Shadow Aero 1100
1997-2003 Honda Valkyrie Standard (GL1500)

2004-2009 Honda VTX 1300C
2003-2009 Honda VTX 1300S
2005-2009 Honda VTX 1300R

2002-2008 Honda VTX 1800C
2002-2008 Honda VTX 1800R
2002-2008 Honda VTX 1800S
2005-2008 Honda VTX 1800T
2005-2008 Honda VTX 1800F
2005-2008 Honda VTX 1800N

2010+ Honda VT1300 Fury/Sabre/Interstate/Stateline
1999-2009 Yamaha V-Star 1100’s
1998-2010 Yamaha V-Star 650’s

’95-03 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 (3.2 gal tank)
’97-’03 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 (3.2 gal. tank)

Previous Whaletail, Flarecut & Tuxedo style bib projects:

2006 VTX1800T1 whaletail tank bibUS Navy Pin-up Aero 750 tank bib2007 VTX1800N1 whaletail tank bib

"Cricket" 2007 Shadow Spirit 750 Whaletail bib installedPOW-MIA VTX1800F1 tank bib installed2006 Honda Shadow Aero 750 Flarecut Tank bibWhaletail tank bib with studs

What kind of bike do you ride?

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Just thought I would put the question out there and see what kind of bikes you folks are riding/working on.  You don’t need to register, give a name or anything, so take a minute and click a button!

Right now, my focus is on Honda gear because that’s what I ride and have parts for but if the votes tell me I should be looking at making gear for other bikes, I can start collecting those parts to design some sweet leather for.  So Represent your Brand!


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