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Honda VTX and Aero 7 50 whaletail tank bibs

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As promised in a previous post, I’ve come back with more info on whaletail tank bibs. If you’ve emailed me anytime since December 2013 or checked the forums, you already know that I stopped maknig them that winter.  The good news is, late last year a fellow VTX rider came and asked if I would instruct him on making his own. Jeff made his first whaletail using my pattern and tips and was hooked.  After six months of working on whaletail tank bibs for the VTX1300, he is now expanding and making them for sale for the whole VTX 1300/1800 line and the ’04-’09 Honda Aero 750.  His website: shows the current models and he has the rest being shipped to him in the next week or so.  Contact info is on his website or you can email him at: Cheers, Chris

2013 wrap up pics continued…

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As promised, I am back with more pics, although it took me a few more days that expected.  Over the last week my youngest daughter turned 10 months old and to celebrate she came down with a stomach virus AND had her first two teeth come in at the same time.  Teething is bad enough on it’s own but combine it with a flu bug in a little person who can’t communicate her discomfort and it makes for confusion and constant screaming…fun way to spend a 3 day weekend.

Back to topic, here is a collection of custom Harley tank bibs and a Honda tank bib that were shipped out at the end of the year…

Inventory Clear out #1

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**Update – SOLD**

Hey folks,

As happens time to time a client will change their minds mid project on a color, tooling, etc. and I end up with an extra bib.
So here today, I’m offering up a ready to ship whaletail tank bib made for the 2002-2003 Honda VTX1800C with the VTX logo tooled in and burgundy buckstitch lacing stripes.
The burgundy lacing was special ordered from Australia and compliments the burgundy/wine colored VTX1800C nicely and would also work well to add a bit of color to an all black bike.
The color will NOT match the Bloodstone Red or other factory red variations.  It is wet formed to this specific bike’s gas tank so it will NOT fit any other bike.

The retail price for this bib is $195 plus shipping.  To help find it a new home though, I’m going to put it up in my Etsy Shop for $125 shipped anywhere in the USA…a $70 savings!

burgundy_buckstitch_VTX1800C burgundy_buckstitch_VTX1800C_sunlight

Here’s a pic of a similar bib installed on the owner’s bike.


Summer Featured Project

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2002 VTX1800C "Evil Twin"Now that Fall is upon us and Winter is approaching, at least that’s what the non-California folks are telling me, it’s about time I posted the pics from the Summer Showcase Project!

For those that missed the previous ones, the Showcase Project is a job I pick out of the custom leather jobs I do during that period.  Typically, they entail something new, unusual or incorporate multiple pieces are part of a theme.
To see the two previous ones, click here –> Winter 2011   Spring 2012

With that out of the way, let’s take in the fun that is Alan’s 2002 VTX1800C aptly named “Evil Twin”. This red and black beauty started out as a salvaged bike Alan brought home on a trailer, dents all over, forks bent and front wheel laying on the flat bed by itself.  A lesser enthusiast would have left it where it was but not this Canadian home modder.  Months of finding parts, getting tins paints, and of course coordinating the leatherwork paid off in the long run.

For my part, Alan wanted to highlight the V-Twin engine and the black & red theme while making sure folks new this from-the-ashes build was to be called.  Evil twin features a whaletail tank bib with chrome spots, hand tooled & painted V-Twin engine artwork; a rear fender bib with chrome spots, ‘chaos pebble’ background, hand painted tooling and a custom maker’s plate; leather wrapped side covers with the same tooling from the tank bib and red edge lacing and a modified backrest pad that I added the chrome spots and VTX logo center patch to (not shown).

Enjoy! ~Chris

more pics after the jump Continue reading

Client pics update #2

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Here are some of the other recent project pics from the last month including a revisit to one of my most viewed colored toolings, the USN Pin-up.




The first three below are progress shots of a bib I’m currently working on but they show the detail nicely so it’s a good time to share.  The question of Western style Sheridan scroll work tooling on a tank bib has come up before but I have yet to have a client actually follow through with it until now.  Now, Sheridan style takes a good deal of patience and practice to design and since I haven’t focused on it as a standard medium myself, I called on a friend of mine over at  King’s X Custom Leather ( for the patternwork and man, did he deliver!

Tank bib Sheridan tooling Sheridan Tooling close up Sheridan tank bib in process

This next pair is of the new “Slimline” style of tuxedo tank bibs I’m now doing.  The main difference is the lack of wrap around the speedo area.  These will be added to the website shortly and priced slightly under the standard tuxedo bibs.

New Slimline style tank bib shown on a 2008 Honda Phantom 750 New Slimline style tank bib shown on a 2008 Honda Phantom 750

Here’s a standard whaletail tank bib for a 2005 VTX1800N.  The client was also thoughtful enough to send a pic of the upper dash area once it’s installed.  Good idea, since 99.9% of the pics I have are from the sides or backend…now you can see what goes on in the front.

2005 VTX1800N Whaletail tank bib 2005 VTX1800N Whaletail tank bib - dash area detail

Next up on the left is a 2005 VTX1800R whaletail tank bib with decorative buckstitch lacing.

 2005 VTX1800R Whaletail with decorative buckstitch

On the left, you might recognize the tooling from the Aero750 tank bib I did early last year (pic of the tooling detail of the bib & detail on the far right). Unfortunately the bike it was on is no longer with us but the client saved the bib just in case. Well, last month he called up and asked that I cut it up and sew it on as a back patch for his new vest. I’d say it works pretty well and one regional bike magazine already shot a pic for their gallery last Memorial Day.

USN Pin-up Tank bib turned backpatch US Navy Pin-up Aero 750 tank bib  US Navy Pin-up Aero 750 tank bib (detail)

Client pics update!

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Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last post but that’s a good thing because it means the shop is rockin’!  I have a bunch of new pics of 3MC leather on client bikes, so many that I’ll probably break this up into two posts.  But first, there are a couple of news items/updates.

First, I’ll be working on a new pattern for the ’97-03 Sportsters (3.2 gal tank) in the next week so that can be added to the list.  Also, to help the Harley folks see the current line up or patterns available I’m going to add a separate section to the website for Harley leathers.  This will be the first step in the process of changing my website to be more bike specific rather than product specific.  This should help everyone find items for their bike faster and easier rather than going to say the whaletail page and having to run down a list of available bikes.

Ok, so now with the admin stuff out of the way, here’s the pics and descriptions of some of the latest client pics to roll in.

Enjoy! Update #2 with a few more pics will be posted later tonight.


 “Brass Ring” – 2002 VTX1800R Whaletail tank bib with full color tooling

 2002 VTX1800R whaletail tank bib  2002 VTX1800R whaletail tank bib  BrassRing tank bib detail

“Brick” – 2004 VTX1800R Whaletail bib with storage pocket, chrome spots and color tooling

2004 VTX1800R Whaletail bib  2004 VTX1800R Whaletail bib 2004 VTX1800R Whaletail bib

The new “Hula Style” flarecut tank bib with Saddle Tan edge lacing shown on a 2006 Shadow Aero 750 (yep, it’s in Hawaii)

2006 Shadow Aero 750 hula-Style tank bib 2006 Shadow Aero 750 hula-Style tank bib

A pair of VTX 1300s with Whaletail tank bibs.  The left one was made for the “Tombstone” project at the 2012 East Coast Gathering at Bulldog’s. The one on the right has the VTX logo tooled in & decorative buckstitch lacing in red.

Tombstone VTX1300 Whaletail tank bib

VTX1300 whaletail tank bib red buckstitch

2008 VTX1800T Whaletail bib Gator embossed cowhide overlay with chrome spots and royal blue applique lacing

2008 VTX1800T Whaletail bib Gator embossed cowhide overlay with chrome spots & royal blue applique lacing 2008 VTX1800T Whaletail bib Gator embossed cowhide overlay with chrome spots & royal blue applique lacing

new client bike pics

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It seems I spoke a little too soon in my previous post…I mentioned not getting any pics lately, and lo’ and behold, here’s a pair of pics that showed up this weekend.  After being stored for the long winter, here’s the first showing of a bib I did back in December for a Honda Shadow Aero 750 with a ultramarine blue celtic trinity cross & memorial message:

Shadow Aero 750 Whaletail tank bib with blue celtic trinity cross

and next up, a whaletail tank bib with the VTX Knight logo in Hot Rod yellow & chrome spots on a 2007 Honda VTX1800F:

2007 VTX1800F whaletail tank bib with VTX Knight tooling in Hot Rod Yellow & chrome spots



Rear Fender Bibs

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2008 VTX1800N Rear Fender Bib2008 VTX1800N Tank & fender bib set2011 Harley Softail Deluxe fender bib2011 Harley Softail Deluxe fender bib2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750 fender bib

Rear Fender Bibs, a set on Flickr.

Here’s a few of the custom rear fender bibs I have done lately. The newest one was for a new 2011 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe. With a little help from the owner I now have the pattern for the new Softail seat designs with the exposed rear brackets & bolts, check it out!


Whaletail Tank Bibs

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As I’m working on and getting increasingly frustrated trying to build/rebuild the photo gallery on the main website I thought I’d use some of the fancy web tools out there and load a couple of galleries into the blog. While it’s not official and all that, it was freaking easy and I feel somewhat accomplished so I can go back into the shop and work on orders without feeling guilty. 😉 Tonight I’ll start with the most popular, the motorcycle Whaletail Tank Bibs (aka California tank bib)  Enjoy the pics!

Three Mutts Custom Leather


Whaletail Tank Bibs, a set on Flickr.

Showcase Project

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I’m starting a new feature on the Three Mutts Customs blog, the “Showcase Project”.  The new showcase will highlight an over-the-top, extreme or challenging project with a full article dedicated to the item(s) and the bike.  I’m hoping to update the article once a month or more often if there are enough projects to cover.  So to start the show(case), here’s a beast of a project I took on Nov/Dec and took about five weeks to finish, six if you include the week spent without power!.  Jim was fun to work with, this all began as a request to see some fender bib/tooling examples and off we went.

2008 VTX 1800N Tank bib & fender bib themed set

Starting with the tank bib, it’s Hermann Oak 5/6 oz veg tan leather with a custom “fierce Albert” relief tooled into the center, surrounded by a tooled Gator belly pattern.  An inlay wouldn’t have worked but we wanted to continue the theme of the gator hide throughout so I tooled it in instead.  Royal Blue kangaroo lace in a triple loop pattern for the edges round it out.  The color is done using Golden Fluid Acrylic paints.

For the fender bib, we started out simply looking at the “Gators” lettering and again one conversation led to another which led me to looking at alligator hide prices.  The inlay is real alligator tail (had to use the tail for the back of the bike!) inlayed into the same 5/6 oz. Hermann Oak leather and lacing & paint as the tank bib.  This one was even more challenging as I didn’t have the pattern for the 1800N yet so Jim and I coordinated measurements & photos via email, decided on a shape (pennant style) and then Jim crossed his fingers and hoped I’d get it right.  I think it worked out pretty well…  😉

2008 VTX 1800N fender bib2008 VTX 1800N fender bib

That’s it for now, tune in next month for another exciting episode of Three Mutts Customs Showcase Project!  It actually could be this bike again as in January we’ll be adding wrapped side covers with alligator inlay, a collaboration seat with Danny Gray and color coordinated lever wraps!  I may have to do two features as Dave’s two tone Black & Plum Crazy Purple bib with applique lacing will be finished for his VTX1300 bagger.  Stay tuned!


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