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So what is Chaos Pebbles?

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chaos-pebbles-1One of my signature designs is the Chaos Pebbles ‘Split Lane’ tooling pattern.  Over the years it has become my most popular request; it is unique, interesting and definitely not ordinary.  Back in 2012, a client came to me and asked for a custom Honda fender bib that no one has seen before…he gave me full creative license as long as it was cool looking.  Over the course of the job I designed his bib and then developed a six step process so that each future bib would have a unique fingerprint-like background tooling.  No two bibs are exactly the same but matching sets including handlebar bags, tool bags, swingarm bags, tank & fender bibs as well as wallets and belts could all be done.


Since then, it’s been refined and I’ve added laser engraved center icons as well as hand tooled versions to allow folks to share their interests, hobbies, logos, and more; all set in a unique pattern.  Today, this is my most popular custom Harley fender bib design and with the addition of the colored accent stitch lines, it personalizes even further.  Add Chrome spots? No Problem!  I’ve laid them out to fit on the outside or down the center bar, we can even do black pyramid spots for those wanting a more aggressive look.

Scroll down to see some of the newer, updated designs I’ve done on custom Harley fender bibs, tank bibs and bags in the Chaos Pebbles design.  Take a look and drop me a line when you’re ready to order your own custom Harley bib set!

For more info on these and other custom accessories call or email!  (855)362-5847



2018 Harley model bibs are here!

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I hadn’t realized that I’ve been away from the blog so long, as we’ve been working on the new website, Instagram and Facebook pages!
I’ve got a ton of updates to do along with all the new models of bikes, so stay tuned over the next few days!

To get the blog update rolling, why not feature some of the new bibs we’ve been building for the 2018 Harley-Davidson line up.
There were quite a few changes in 018, some minor and some major changes with only a few like the Touring models; Road King, Streetglide, RoadGlide, etc. staying the same bib wise.

Check out the pics below highlighting the new Softail Slim, Softail Deluxe & Heritage, Fatboy and  and the Three Mutts Customs accessories to go with them!
In a coming post we’ll talk about some of the other new models including the Touring models, Softail Low Rider and others!

Softail Slim – This model got a whole new tank bib and a fender bib hole change.  The Harley tank bib features a bolt cut-out in the rear wings that I can’t figure out, so I modified the design to have a full wing and allowing braided edges to come all the way back to the seat.

Softail Deluxe/Heritage – Like the Softail Slim, these two iconic models picked up a new tank bib shape and fender bib hole placement change.

Fatboy – Big changes here, the 2018 Fatboy picked up a new metal dash piece in place of traditional tank bib and a fender bib hole placement change.
Fender bibs are designed and I’ve worked out a jig and am now starting to make leather replacements for the tank panel

Thanks for looking!


For more info on these and other custom accessories call or email!  (855)362-5847


Folding walking cane holster – complete!

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Here is a holster I have been working on for my mother-in-law’s cousin to mount on the side of his Harley ElectraGlide trike to keep his folding walking cane close by. Previously, he had to store it in the trunk which meant walking from the back of the bike to mount it while trying to balance using various points on the bike.
This allows him to walk right up and holster the cane next to where he gets on & off making life much easier and safer. It’s made from 6oz. W&C veg-tan with 1.5 oz. pig black skin lining. The welt is 1.5″ wide at the top and tapers to 0 about 1/2 way down the holster. As you can see in one of the pics, the cane has a carved silver dragon handle so I tooled a tattoo style Japanese Wind dragon motif on the side. I also custom made & polished the mounting brackets from 1/8″ thick aluminum plate and kydex to enable it to mount high enough by using the factory grab rails on the passenger seat and an existing bolt location for the left fender at the bottom. The upper bracket is 2 pieces, the kydex clips onto the chrome grab rail similar to a belt clip and then bolts to the aluminum bracket via three 1/4″ screw posts. Here are some pics of the piece installed one of the undyed tooling to show the detail better and one showing the comparison of it next to a normal sized holster…enjoy!

Folding Walking cane Holster - front view

Harley ElectraGlide Trike with Cane HolsterHolster & Cane showing carved handle

Folding Walking cane Holster - rear viewFolding Walking cane Holster - bracket viewFolding Cane Holster compared to a standard revolver holsterFolding Cane Holster tooling detail (undyed)custom polsihed aluminum bracket

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