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Honda VTX and Aero 7 50 whaletail tank bibs

Posted in Honda VTX1300, leather, Motorcycles, VTX1800, Whaletail Tank Bib with tags , , , , , on July 12, 2015 by Chris Wright

As promised in a previous post, I’ve come back with more info on whaletail tank bibs. If you’ve emailed me anytime since December 2013 or checked the forums, you already know that I stopped maknig them that winter.  The good news is, late last year a fellow VTX rider came and asked if I would instruct him on making his own. Jeff made his first whaletail using my pattern and tips and was hooked.  After six months of working on whaletail tank bibs for the VTX1300, he is now expanding and making them for sale for the whole VTX 1300/1800 line and the ’04-’09 Honda Aero 750.  His website: shows the current models and he has the rest being shipped to him in the next week or so.  Contact info is on his website or you can email him at: Cheers, Chris


Out with the old, in with the new…

Posted in Fender bibs, Whaletail Tank Bib with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 9, 2014 by Chris Wright

My winter break is wrapping up so it was time to take stock, take inventory and look forward to a new year. This includes analyzing trends in my current product line and potential additions.

That being said, whaletail & flarecut tank bibs are now officially retired to make more time for the Harley line up and building more in stock inventories of ready to purchase items for the shop.

I’ll also be adding Fork Tube covers as a normal offering and expanding the Harley list to add a couple of bike models that I experimented with last year thanks to some adventurous clients.

Thanks to all the clients, friends and family that made 2013 a fun year, and here is to more adventures in 2014!

1999-2009 Yamaha V-Star 1100 whaletail tank bibs!

Posted in Leatherwork, Motorcycles, Tank bib, Three Mutts Customs, V-Star 1100, Whaletail Tank Bib, Yamaha with tags , , , , , , , , on August 19, 2013 by Chris Wright

One of the projects I was working on this summer during the whaletail tank bib production hold (production resumes with the first batch starting 9/16/2013) was to pattern a few new whaletail tank bib patterns.  I’ve added a handful to the official line-up on the website and here is the first new one gone from pattern to finished version already:

2007 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic whaletail tank bib with “Biker at the Cross” hand tooled & colored artwork & metallic silver buckstitch lacing stripes.

a few more projects

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Just a few more recent photos to share and a new addition to the line up! I changed the format a bit on this post, pics at the top and descriptions below so those here for the “bike porn” don’t have to read if you don’t want to. Enjoy! Hit “more” to see the details…

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more completed embroidered pics

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A few weeks ago I announced that I now have access to an embroidery company that can make custom embroidered leather pieces that can be used as awesome full color inlays.  The first pics back were the Harley FXDi35 rear fender pics that I posted here.  Now, the second project owner has shared pics of their new leather installed as well.  This was an image of a tribal-ish white Black Widow that she found and inquired about.  We decided to edge the inlay with red applique braiding to give it some more pop and add some color to the all black VTX1300.  Notice the theme matching footpegs, nice touch!


White widow inlay piece and test samplesWidow Whaletail tank bibEmbroidered inlay whaletail tank bib

Custom stitching now available on tank and fender bibs!

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A recent request prompted me to test out my sewing skills and verify that custom stitching would be a possibility.  I’m happy to report that the project worked out nicely and I can now offer custom stitching on tank bibs, fender bibs and bag flaps in some basic styles like flames, tribal patterns and multiple color geometric patterns.  I haven’t tried words or small detailed stitching yet due to time but plan to get that on the drawing table by the end of the year.  I mention basic shapes and styles as I am doing this ‘by hand’ meaning I am hand guiding the sewing machine to make the designs.  Stitching takes me almost as long as hand tooling does (due mainly to taking my time with a new technique)  but the stitching rates will be 1/2 of tooling rates, quoted by the hour, plus the thread cost since it is less labor intensive and I will get faster eventually!  😉
Here are some pics of my first forays into custom stitching, if you have a request feel free to drop me a line.  There is a great selection of colors available and some I already have in stock.  Here is a link to my preferred vendor’s color list: if you want to see what will work best with your project before hand.  And just so those curious few have one less question to ask, yes I will be offering multiple color stitching, it simply requires an extra thread charge for the additional color(s).

Summer Featured Project

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2002 VTX1800C "Evil Twin"Now that Fall is upon us and Winter is approaching, at least that’s what the non-California folks are telling me, it’s about time I posted the pics from the Summer Showcase Project!

For those that missed the previous ones, the Showcase Project is a job I pick out of the custom leather jobs I do during that period.  Typically, they entail something new, unusual or incorporate multiple pieces are part of a theme.
To see the two previous ones, click here –> Winter 2011   Spring 2012

With that out of the way, let’s take in the fun that is Alan’s 2002 VTX1800C aptly named “Evil Twin”. This red and black beauty started out as a salvaged bike Alan brought home on a trailer, dents all over, forks bent and front wheel laying on the flat bed by itself.  A lesser enthusiast would have left it where it was but not this Canadian home modder.  Months of finding parts, getting tins paints, and of course coordinating the leatherwork paid off in the long run.

For my part, Alan wanted to highlight the V-Twin engine and the black & red theme while making sure folks new this from-the-ashes build was to be called.  Evil twin features a whaletail tank bib with chrome spots, hand tooled & painted V-Twin engine artwork; a rear fender bib with chrome spots, ‘chaos pebble’ background, hand painted tooling and a custom maker’s plate; leather wrapped side covers with the same tooling from the tank bib and red edge lacing and a modified backrest pad that I added the chrome spots and VTX logo center patch to (not shown).

Enjoy! ~Chris

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