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Laser Engraving, a year later

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So last year I mentioned getting a laser engraver and didn’t have many of my own examples (previously farmed out the engraving part to another shop), a year later that has all changed.  I’m rocking the laser most days of the week now, either for full designs, as accents to hand tooled items.  The laser gives me control over fine text and accents that no one can touch by hand and it provides a highly accurate tool for exacting logo reproductions when needed.  Obviously I still hand tool much of my work and enjoy it that way but sometimes the laser is the way to go.  Here is an updated gallery of pieces engraved with my Full Spectrum Laser. – Chris

Keychain & wallet chain belt straps now available!

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I finally finished getting all the parts, the design and samples made for the new belt straps.  Two different versions with a number of options are available in the Etsy shop for immediate purchase.  These belt loops are made from a single piece of thick 6 oz Herman Oak leather and drum dyed all the way through in either black or brown.  You can choose from a keychain ring or a large claw clasp to keep your gear close at hand.  There are currently 12 decorative snap heads to choose from including military, Harley Davidson half skull and others.

I also have a couples of overstock rear fender bibs in the shop ready to ship and will be adding more soon.

Movie madness…Blockbuster themed bibs

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July and August brought me a pair of movie themed bibs, Terminator 2 and Batman: Dark Knight Rises.  Both were fun projects with their own challenges especially since both images have been seen the world over by millions, so they had to be top notch.

First up was Terminator 2: Judgement Day for a 2002 Harley Davidson Fatboy.  Not only was the image large and to be in color but as I found out during the process, the pattern for the Fatboy changed in 2005, not 1997 like the Road Kings and Dynas.  Combine that with my confusing the tag lines from T2 and T3 and this bib ended up being made 3 different times (fortunately only up to the raw tooling stage) to make sure it was right. As I write this, the bib is finding it’s way to the client in Great Britain so installed pics will be a few days yet.

The second movie themed fender bib was Batman: Dark Knight Rises for a 2011 Harley Davidson Blackline.  I had previously made a fender bib (Black Swan) and tool bag set for the client but he was considering changing the theme.  While discussing ideas, he saw a picture on Facebook of my daughter playing with a Batman toy and inspiration hit him.  We went with the skyline overhead explosion from the movie posters & DVD box as the perspective and detail were perfect for a fender bib.

Two of a kind…matching to seats

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One of the things I have been working on this year is a line of tank straps and fender bibs for Harleys to match up with the more popular seats, Danny Gray in particular.  Having now found a source for the same black pebble grain and medium brown distressed leather Corbin, Danny Gray and others use on their seat tops, in a few short weeks I’ll be announcing the official start of offering these bibs.

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the first ones out of the shop.  The outer band is a thicker veg-tan leather that can be dyed various colors (except white and gray) and allows the bib to be somewhat formed to the fender and also allows for chrome spots, stitched or hand braided edges and even some small tooling detail unlike any other material matching bib on the market! Shortly after we’ll also be offering up the exotic printed leathers to match as well including shark, ostrich, elephant, gator and custom prints like asphalt & carbon fiber for inlays!

Ride safe folks, summer is coming!

2011 Blackline DG bib top2011_Blackline_DG_bib

Harley-Davidson Blackline & Slim rear fender bibs

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The Blackline & Slim rear fender bibs have been a popular request lately so I thought they needed their own post to clarify and add some pics.  That’s right, if you’re looking for a custom rear fender bib for your 2011+ Harley Davidson Softail Blackline (FXS) or 2012+ Harley Davidson Softail Slim (FLS), I can make them!

The Blackline & Slim rear fender bibs mount using the factory rear pillon bolt and the single-centered rear seat bolt with a ton of space (approx. 10″ x 5 1/4″) in between for chrome spots, decorative lacing and custom tooling.

They are made using the same Grade A Hermann Oak 6oz. leather & kangaroo edge lacing as my tank bibs and have a light curve formed to them so they lay down on the fender nicely right out of the box! Standard colors include Black, Mahogany, Antique Black and Antique Brown, Saddle Tan and Natural. Edge lacing comes in a variety of colors like those above as well as royal blue, fire red, bright yellow, white, electric green, metallic silver (looks like brushed aluminum) and more…just ask!


Here are a few pics of the new Blackline & Slim bibs in various configurations:
2011 Harley Blackline FXS Fender bib2011+ Harley Blackline and Slim rear fender bibs2011 Harley Blackline FXS Fender bib with handtooled swan logo

New Handlebar toolbag design!

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Last month, Josh (Black Swan fender bib) hit me up about making a handlebar bag to match the rear fender bib for his 2011 Harley Blackline.  We discussed going with a more heavy duty look & style and incorporating the Black Swan icon.  After some planning & patterning, here’s the new roll style handlebar bag I’ll be offering.  Josh was good enough to send some awesome pics showing off the bag, fender bib and of course his bike!



2011 Harley Davidson Blackline “Black Swan” – handlebar bag & rear fender bib

2011 Harley Blackline with Handlebar Tool roll/tool bag & rear fender bib additional pics Continue reading

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