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Been awhile…

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It has been ages since I posted here to the blog, mainly because Facebook and Instagram are so much easier to use.
But it seems a good number of folks keep swinging by to check out Three Mutts Customs so here are a few pics to show what we’ve been up to lately. Of course hand tooled fender bibs, tank bibs and custom bags are still our specialty but now we’re matching to the popular seats more closely.  Mustang distressed brown material is in stock, a new relationship with LePera allows us access to ALL of their materials and Corbin matching material is possible now too!

Custom embroidery in house! An inexpensive way to apply full color designs to your custom bib.

Brown tank bibs material matched to Mustang seats, both in plain and diamond stitch!

More Chaos Pebbles with the new full body and Split Lane designs!

And for those that want to go full tilt for a full custom, there are always hand tooled & airbrushed possibilities.

Two new full color custom fender bibs to show off…

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Here are the two big projects I was working on the last week, at the same time.
The left one is a play on the Hear no Evil, See no Evil theme. Artist unknown but they did a killer pencil drawing to work off of.It was all black and white so the colors and shadows were done to go with the bike, a blue Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce.
Fully hand tooled and airbrushed using Golden Fluid and High Flow acrylics with an Iwata Eclipse CP-HS.

The right one is a reproduction of an Elvgren 1960s era bedtime pin-up.
This custom rear fender bib was made for a 2013 Harley Softail Heritage, a third bib for one of my leather addicted clients.
This one was a bit tougher as the original was an oil painting and I used air brushed acrylics making matches and blends in the colors a bit tougher to reproduce.
Fully hand tooled and airbrushed using Golden Fluid and High Flow acrylics with an Iwata Eclipse CP-HS.

How about some color?!

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One of my specialties is airbrushed and hand painted custom tank bibs and fender bibs.
Eagles, Pin-Ups, and Sugar Skulls are just a few of my recent full color subjects. What some folks don’t realize is these are hand tooled first and then painted. This enhances the highlights, shadows and depth of the final piece. Granted, the process isn’t cheap but the end result is unlike most custom bibs, for Harleys or any other bike you’ll find out there.

here are a couple of pics of my most recent custom painted tank and fender bibs for Harley motorcycles.  Enjoy!

Spring 2013 Featured Client Bike

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LV_96-883_lt_sideWith winter ending and the 2013 riding season starting with a roar, this edition features a sweet Sportster just perfect for cruisin’ the warm summer months.  While I didn’t do all of the leather for Tony’s 1996 883 (I did the pin-up rear fender bib), it all comes together along with some little extras he had custom made.

Starting off with a full big bore 1200 kit installed, Tony also had the wheels, primary, forks,and rocker box covers custom powdercoated.  Combine that with a number of chrome accents and the custom paint and it’s looking pretty mean. Top it off with custom one of a kind leatherwork that he designed himself and Tony’s Sportster is a definite looker.  Leaving no cap unturned, he even designed a set of custom made caps for the fork nut covers that are worth a look at.  Speaking of looking…read on for the pics, enjoy! Continue reading

Harley rear fender bib pin-up

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labor of lust: pin-up rear fender bibsHad a fun project this last week that I thought would be cool to share some of the work in progress pics. Tony hit me up last month looking for a rear fender bib for his 1996 Harley Davidson Sportster featuring a Jessica Rabbit style pin-up wearing quite a bit less than we saw her in the movie.  He sent a few pics along with a shot of his existing handlebar bag so I could match the color and background style of the bag.  The following is a sequence from pattern to finished piece and a few steps in between.  I’m actually thinking that next month when the shop is closed for Babycation I may go back and do another one and take a few more pictures of the process including the dying/airbrushing stages to “flesh” those out a bit more for you.


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