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Pecard & Kiwi available soon!

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So I have decided to put my money where my mouth is. Starting today I will be carrying Pecard Motorcycle Leather Dressing and Kiwi Horsehair brushes for purchase. I talk about them here and Facebook/Instagram but then send folks elsewhere to buy it…not anymore. I’m also going to offer them at the same price as Pecard, no unnecessary gouging here.

Prices will be $4.00 for a 2.5 oz jar of Pecard Motorycle Leather Dressing and $6 for a Kiwi Horsehair Brush.  Shipping for one or both is $5.25 via Priority Mail (USA/APO addresses).
Order them with your custom leather job and they’ll be included in the same box to save on shipping.

The new website should be online later this month with the new products. In the meantime drop me an email at to order or request it with a custom leather job.

Pecard Leather Dressing &  Kiwi Horsehair Brush - Leathercare


Caring for your leather goods – update

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Back in August I talked about how to take care of your leather goods and about the Fiebing product line.  (Click here for the original post)

In the two months since, I have done some additional research and trials. After speaking to some other professionals, specifically in the motorcycle seat and horse saddle areas I have found yet another product line that I am really pleased with and have started using on my motorcycle products.

Pecard leather care products is what I have added to my finishing line-up.

This is not to say that I don’t like Fiebing anymore, on the contrary.  However, I feel that not all situations can be covered by one ‘cure all’ product.  For most folks, the Fiebing leather care products will serve their purposes.  They make excellent cleaners and conditioners.

I have added Pecard to the line up to address client orders where heavy moisture will be a factor in their leathers.  Pecard has been making leather weatherproofing supplies since 1902 and was the chosen leather protectant for Admiral Byrd’s expedition to the South Pole (they even have a photo of the original award given to Phil Pecard by Admiral Byrd on their website…pretty cool bit of history!)

Another bit I like about Pecard in regards to motorcycles is they put together a nice kit for folks at a very reasonable price.  $20 + shipping will get you their conditioner, dressing, gloss/shine spray, buffing cloth and a lacing/stitching brush all in a handy storage bag.

There’s one more thing I’ll mention about Pecard, specifically their leather dressing (wax).  It’s available in black.  Why is this important?  Well, naturally over time black leathers will start to fade and show distress.  If it’s leather and black and sees the sun often it will fade, it’s a fact.  Pecard’s Black Motorcycle Weatherproof Dressing not only keeps your leather conditioned and waterproofs it, but it will also maintain the look longer by restoring the color.  At $6 for a 4 oz. tub, it’s a pretty damn good bargain.

So there it is, yet another finishing product to check out.  As before I’ll make sure to state the fine print:  I am not a Fiebing or Pecard employee or representative, am not paid for the endorsement and don’t even receive free products for saying I like them.  I’m just simply passing on good info as I was taught.

Have a great weekend & keep the rubber side down!
~ Chris

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