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Ed “The Bearman” Mauls & Beary Mauls Info

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UPDATE – The BearMauls page on is done! Check them out here:

I noticed in the last few weeks that the search results of folks looking for Bearman Mauls & Beary mauls has popped up a few searches leading here. I’m currently helping them update their cocobolo leather burnishers website, to include the custom mauls they make as well so here’s a snippet of info for those looking to buy one of Ed or Beary’s awesome mauls:

Standard BearMaul weights are from 14oz up to 21oz. and start at $74.50. They are available using one of many types of wood such as: Cocobolo, Rosewood, Figured Asian Satinwood, Purple Heart, Paduak & more.
BearMauls from 22oz up to 28oz, will add $10.00 to the price due to of the larger head material required.

Custom mauls are limited only by our combined imaginations. An example of a Custom Bearman Maul feature is a special medallion in place of the standard decorated head cap. Custom BearMauls start at $87.50 on up. The price varies depending on the type of wood wanted, & other Customization options.

Each BearMaul is a Handmade Very Functional work of Art, which takes time to make. Wait times can range from 2 weeks or more, depending on work load  & complexity of design. Priority shipping for a single Maul, within the US, is $9.50 and for most other contries is just $18.95 .

Previous Bearman Maul photos can be seen here:

Here are a few pictures of my maul and other’s they have done.  If you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out.  Get one and your hands & arms will thank you for it!

Midnite 14oz Army for Bob B 3Olivewood group Gold18oz Very Special  Custom with EbonyMidnite 14oz Army for Bob B My 28oz Amboyna Burl Custom Beary LaBarre Maul

Three Mutts Custom Leather is back! Well, almost…

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Cocobolo Leather Burnishers Group shotAfter a month of planning, working and supply gathering is finally ready to hit the web again with not only the popular cocobolo leather burnishing bits we previously offered but more styles, stands and soon custom Leatherworking Mauls!

For those that don’t know, I’ve been working with Beary & Ed “the Bearman” LaBarre over at Bearman Mauls to transition’s product line to their capable turning hands. After a month, they’ve finally mastered not only my styles & designs but added 3 new dremel style burnishers and a fancy stand to the line up!  The stands will be available for purchase and will hold up to 6 leather burnishing bits.  Your old favorites for the drill press are back as well, the General Purpose Drill Burnisher and the Holster Maker’s Special Drill burnisher.

Now that you’re already excited, what about those mauls?!  That’s right folks, Beary & Ed will soon make a new home of for their line of custom, handmade leatherworking mauls. Ed’s mauls are one of the most popular on and Beary’s are close behind.  I myself had Beary make a very custom 28oz. maul for me last year using a piece of gallery grade Amboyna Burl for the handle.  It doesn’t get any better than that!










Want more information on how to order while we finish the website for tomorrow night’s midnight release?  you’ve read this far, open up the .pdf announcement flyer to see the prices and the limited special offer! Re-Opening Announcement



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