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Ed “The Bearman” Mauls & Beary Mauls Info

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UPDATE – The BearMauls page on is done! Check them out here:

I noticed in the last few weeks that the search results of folks looking for Bearman Mauls & Beary mauls has popped up a few searches leading here. I’m currently helping them update their cocobolo leather burnishers website, to include the custom mauls they make as well so here’s a snippet of info for those looking to buy one of Ed or Beary’s awesome mauls:

Standard BearMaul weights are from 14oz up to 21oz. and start at $74.50. They are available using one of many types of wood such as: Cocobolo, Rosewood, Figured Asian Satinwood, Purple Heart, Paduak & more.
BearMauls from 22oz up to 28oz, will add $10.00 to the price due to of the larger head material required.

Custom mauls are limited only by our combined imaginations. An example of a Custom Bearman Maul feature is a special medallion in place of the standard decorated head cap. Custom BearMauls start at $87.50 on up. The price varies depending on the type of wood wanted, & other Customization options.

Each BearMaul is a Handmade Very Functional work of Art, which takes time to make. Wait times can range from 2 weeks or more, depending on work load  & complexity of design. Priority shipping for a single Maul, within the US, is $9.50 and for most other contries is just $18.95 .

Previous Bearman Maul photos can be seen here:

Here are a few pictures of my maul and other’s they have done.  If you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out.  Get one and your hands & arms will thank you for it!

Midnite 14oz Army for Bob B 3Olivewood group Gold18oz Very Special  Custom with EbonyMidnite 14oz Army for Bob B My 28oz Amboyna Burl Custom Beary LaBarre Maul

Three Mutts Custom Leather

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