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Sugar Skull rear Fender bib

Posted in Fender bibs, Motorcycles, StreetGlide, Tooled Leather with tags , , , , , on June 27, 2014 by Chris Wright

Custom Leather Rear Fender Bib for a 2013 Harley StreetGlide was delivered and installed on the client’s bike today.
Hand tooled Sugar Skull on Hermann Oak 6oz leather, black kangaroo triple loop edge lacing, 12mm chrome spots and Khorne Red highlights hand painted to make it pop.

Here is a pic of the installed bib and the raw tooling before it was colored.


sugar_skull_fender_bib with spots  sugar skull fender bib raw tooling

New artwork option – Laser Engraving!

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I’ve been working on a few different options for custom fender bib and tank bib artwork to compliment hand tooled designs for the last year. After researching what is possible, what looks best and performs under the sometimes brutal conditions motorcycle leather can go through I added custom embroidery to the line up late last year.  Embroidery gave folks another option for affordable, full color designs but there was still a gap in the line up.  I wanted another line, one that could provide in stock or fast ship inventory at a great price and still be somewhat customizable.  I was also trying to figure out a way to provide bibs with the possibility of tiny detail, to the level that hand tooling and embroidery couldn’t achieve with prefect clarity.

After long consideration, I’m adding LASER ENGRAVING to the available options for adding designs to your custom leather fender bibs and tank bibs!

Laser engraving is a great addition to our offerings, the detail possible is insanely small and it has a similar appearance to hand tooled artwork for flat two dimensional and line art designs.  It will also allow us to now personalize items like the wallet chain and key chain fobs like never berfore.

Here are a few examples of pieces a few clients have been brave enough to let me experiment with to dial in the process, enjoy!


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