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New Article – How to make a rear fender bib

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My latest article for the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal is in print now, “How to make a rear fender bib” appears in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of the Journal.  The article covers everything from pattern making, layout suggestions, how to protect the fender during the work, wet forming, lacing and a free pattern for 1997-current Road King/StreetGlide fender bibs.

This issue also has a number of other worthwhile articles and is the kick-off issue that will feature a new section, “Urban Leather” featuring article that focus more on the motorcycle and rock & roll scenes!  To get a copy of this issue for yourself, visit their online store here:


2013 wrap up pics continued…

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As promised, I am back with more pics, although it took me a few more days that expected.  Over the last week my youngest daughter turned 10 months old and to celebrate she came down with a stomach virus AND had her first two teeth come in at the same time.  Teething is bad enough on it’s own but combine it with a flu bug in a little person who can’t communicate her discomfort and it makes for confusion and constant screaming…fun way to spend a 3 day weekend.

Back to topic, here is a collection of custom Harley tank bibs and a Honda tank bib that were shipped out at the end of the year…

2013 wrap up pics

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It has been a bit since I posted a good set of pictures of projects so here is a little gallery of the projects that wrapped up 2013 for you to enjoy!

New custom knife sheathes:

Recent Fender Bibs

More pics to come tomorrow when the 2013 wrap up continues!


Out with the old, in with the new…

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My winter break is wrapping up so it was time to take stock, take inventory and look forward to a new year. This includes analyzing trends in my current product line and potential additions.

That being said, whaletail & flarecut tank bibs are now officially retired to make more time for the Harley line up and building more in stock inventories of ready to purchase items for the shop.

I’ll also be adding Fork Tube covers as a normal offering and expanding the Harley list to add a couple of bike models that I experimented with last year thanks to some adventurous clients.

Thanks to all the clients, friends and family that made 2013 a fun year, and here is to more adventures in 2014!

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