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In stock coupon code

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I have a few items in inventory as well as some in stock items like the keychain & wallet chain belt straps so in Black Friday fashion, here is a coupon code to get some good deals for yourself or for Christmas gifts.  I’m extending the code run through 12/31/2013 so if you don’t see something today, keep an eye out as I will be making up some additional inventory for the Etsy shop during this time.


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Summer 2013 Featured Client Bike

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Catching up a bit on this feature as I had to skip ahead on the featured bike selections, for this quarterly edition the client was looking for a familiar theme with his own twist.  The gamble paid off nicely especially when all of the elements came together.

Orv started with his classically styled 2005 Honda VTX1300R and had the guys over at C&C Motorcycle Seats recover his factory saddle in crocodile embossed cowhide.  For those that don’t know, cowhide can be embossed in pretty much any exotic animal pattern for a fraction of the price and usually feels & wears better when used on seats. (true Croc back armor is not a comfortable seat top!)

After having the seat for a bit, Orv realized that by itself it looked good but there was no theme behind it and gave me a call.  We went through some previous projects and decided on a flarecut tank bib and a bullet shape rear fender bib, both with a real Caiman (So. American Alligator) inlay.  To change things up, Orv requested the tail on the tank bib and the back on the fender bib with the tail plates forming a V going forward.  I must have asked him if he was sure 4 or 5 times as I couldn’t envision this working as well as a traditional layout but went with his wishes to the best of my abilities. To add even more eye candy to the leather, we added a border of Chaos Pebbles to the tank bib. The result is a pretty slick looking, original pattern for the three pieces that blend perfectly!

Scroll down to view the pictures, enjoy!

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