a few more projects

Just a few more recent photos to share and a new addition to the line up! I changed the format a bit on this post, pics at the top and descriptions below so those here for the “bike porn” don’t have to read if you don’t want to. Enjoy! Hit “more” to see the details…

NEW! The first photo shows the very first V-Star 1100 whaletail tank bib in progress. This one features the “Biker at the Cross” image tooled with a silver background and metallic silver buckstitch lacing. Hopefully I will have pics of this one on the bike soon. For those wondering, no, it does not go all the way up around the dash. The dash is lined underneath with a foam gasket and I have learned in the past that compressing those gaskets over a long time is not good for them. The last thing I want is to hear about someone’s speedo failing because the crushed gasket let water in so mine will go to the base of the speedo housing.

Next up is one of my handlebar/tool roll bags. 12″ long x 5″ diameter with two 1″ straps and chrome buckles. The interior is lined with the same material sweatshirts are made out of. It’s durable and easy to clean and comes in a ton of colors. The top flap allows for a 4″ or so wide tooling, this one is sporting the WillyG style half skull.

For projects that have super fine details or for folks wanting full color that doesn’t break the bank like hand painting can, our custom embroidery is the way to go. Here our embroidery gal has recreated the Jack Daniel’s Whiskey bottle and was able to incorporate an antique label design the client provided from her collection. To be seen on a Harley Fatboy rear fender bib soon.

Last but not least is a one of the last whaletails from the summer batch, a 2007 VTX1800T with hand tooled design with red background, red buckstitch lacing & chrome spots. Don’t think we could have fit much more on there but it sure fits the bike!

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