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Two of a kind #2 – Matching to Paint

Posted in brown, custom work, Fender bibs, Harley Davidson, leather, Motorcycles, Three Mutts Customs with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 23, 2013 by Chris Wright

Here is the second part of what is quickly becoming a design thoughts series, Two of a kind.  Having a common theme and sometimes straight out matching designs is fairly in the motorcycle world.  This can be simply matching textures like in the first installment ( or it can go further like this week’s match up: leather to paint.

For this one I have a sweet project to show, the request was for a rear fender bib for a 2008 Harley Dyna Street Bob with tooling similar to the Tribal Punisher whaletail tank bib I did earlier this year only with the WillyG skull.  In looking at pics of the bike, I suggested also replacing the tribal background with one that would match the tribal style in the paint job.  While I haven’t made the bib yet, I thought it would be good for you readers to see how the design part came together.

First, a pic of the bike…nice looking ride!

2008 Harley Dyna Street Bob with Tribal paint

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Inventory Clear out #1

Posted in custom work, Motorcycles, Tank bib, Three Mutts Customs, VTX1800, Whaletail Tank Bib with tags , , , , , , , on May 5, 2013 by Chris Wright

**Update – SOLD**

Hey folks,

As happens time to time a client will change their minds mid project on a color, tooling, etc. and I end up with an extra bib.
So here today, I’m offering up a ready to ship whaletail tank bib made for the 2002-2003 Honda VTX1800C with the VTX logo tooled in and burgundy buckstitch lacing stripes.
The burgundy lacing was special ordered from Australia and compliments the burgundy/wine colored VTX1800C nicely and would also work well to add a bit of color to an all black bike.
The color will NOT match the Bloodstone Red or other factory red variations.  It is wet formed to this specific bike’s gas tank so it will NOT fit any other bike.

The retail price for this bib is $195 plus shipping.  To help find it a new home though, I’m going to put it up in my Etsy Shop for $125 shipped anywhere in the USA…a $70 savings!

burgundy_buckstitch_VTX1800C burgundy_buckstitch_VTX1800C_sunlight

Here’s a pic of a similar bib installed on the owner’s bike.


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