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Harley rear fender bib pin-up

Posted in brown, Fender bibs, Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson Sportster, leather, Motorcycles, pin-up, Three Mutts Customs with tags , , , , , , , on February 8, 2013 by Chris Wright

labor of lust: pin-up rear fender bibsHad a fun project this last week that I thought would be cool to share some of the work in progress pics. Tony hit me up last month looking for a rear fender bib for his 1996 Harley Davidson Sportster featuring a Jessica Rabbit style pin-up wearing quite a bit less than we saw her in the movie.  He sent a few pics along with a shot of his existing handlebar bag so I could match the color and background style of the bag.  The following is a sequence from pattern to finished piece and a few steps in between.  I’m actually thinking that next month when the shop is closed for Babycation I may go back and do another one and take a few more pictures of the process including the dying/airbrushing stages to “flesh” those out a bit more for you.


Ballcap drawing winners!

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Well either folks aren’t that excited about my logo design or ballcaps have gone out of style because I honestly was kind of surprised at the lack of entries for a totally free hat.  That being said, I do appreciate the four guys who did jump in and enter.  All four started out as clients and have become friends over the last year, checking back in with me via email or following the blog/Facebook  long after their projects are completed almost like a mini-Fan Club, haha.

So this morning in looking at the pictures while preparing the slips of paper for Emily to draw from I decided that they all deserve to win and each one will receive a Three Mutts ballcap.  Now I know that guys are competitive by nature so I let Emily draw the names anyway just for kicks.  Mondo & Mark ended up with the winning-the-drawing bragging rights, congrats guys.

I’ll find suitable boxes this weekend and get all the hats shipped out early next week.
Have a good weekend folks…


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