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Posted in Three Mutts Customs on January 30, 2013 by Chris Wright

We’re just about booked up for the pre-season riding work.  Due to the impending arrival of my second daughter, we’ll be closed from 3/19/2013-4/8/2013 to help mom recuperate.  There are just 3 spots left available for work between now and then, so if you want something for opening day of riding season, get on the ball and drop me a line soon!

more completed embroidered pics

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A few weeks ago I announced that I now have access to an embroidery company that can make custom embroidered leather pieces that can be used as awesome full color inlays.  The first pics back were the Harley FXDi35 rear fender pics that I posted here.  Now, the second project owner has shared pics of their new leather installed as well.  This was an image of a tribal-ish white Black Widow that she found and inquired about.  We decided to edge the inlay with red applique braiding to give it some more pop and add some color to the all black VTX1300.  Notice the theme matching footpegs, nice touch!


White widow inlay piece and test samplesWidow Whaletail tank bibEmbroidered inlay whaletail tank bib

Three Mutts Customs swag contest!

Posted in contest, Motorcycles, swag, Three Mutts Customs, Three Mutts website with tags , , , , on January 24, 2013 by Chris Wright

It’s that time folks, as I mentioned on the website a few days ago, it’s time for the first Three Mutts Customs swag contest!  How’s this going to work a you ask? Well since this is a motorcycle gear company and I know how much you all bikes showing off your rides the only thing that made sense is a web gallery. You don’t have to be a client, this is open to everyone!

It’s that easy, post a pic of your bike with your name, any bike details you want to add and city/state info (to help identify if there are duplicate names) to the web gallery and you’re entered! Photos will be reviewed to ensure no spam or porn gets posted so give me an hour or two after you submit for it to show in the gallery. The link to the gallery is: you can sign in with your Photobucket, Facebook and Twitter IDs to make things easier.

The drawing will be open until midnight PST January 31  is now closed and on Feb 1, late morning, two winners will be chosen at random by my daughter Emily.

Now the important part…what can you win!? Up for grabs this go ’round are two of the new Three Mutts Customs logo slouch caps! Each of the two winners will receive a free logo slouch cap delivered to their door by Feb. 15. Anyone is eligible to win but to participate, you must post a bike pic (preferably  of your own bike) to the gallery by midnight Jan. 31, 2013!  Game on!


Three Mutts Customs slouch cap

First embroidered fender bib pics are in…

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As mentioned in the previous embroidery announcement, here are the first pics of a completed piece using the process.  The embroidery has to be done on a certain type of leather, chrome tanned petite calf or lamb or goat. These all just happen to be different from the veg tanned cowhide leather I tool and form for bibs so inlays and overlays are used to bring everything together.

For this 2006 Harley Davidson FXDi35 rear fender bib, I used the embroidered piece in a raised inlay along with a modified 6oz Herman Oak veg-tan leather frame. Add in the triple loop laced edges in black kangaroo and it makes for a striking multi textured piece.  Enjoy!


2006 Harley Davidson FXDi35 Anniversary Edition2006 HD FXDi35 rear fender bib2006 HD FXDi35 rear fender bib

Winter 2012 Featured Client Bike

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Mark “Maui Boy” B. is a little homesick and came to me for help.   No, I didn’t get into head shrinking as a hobby or anything; but some custom leather for his two-wheeled therapist was right up my alley.

Imagine spending 27 years in the sunny and sandy goodness that is Hawaii.  Long stretches of road, gorgeous views of (and on) the beaches, tropical temps nearly year-round. Sounds like motorcycle paradise, right? Now imagine moving to Michigan.  Not that Michigan in and of itself is bad, they have some nice seasons, a couple of good sized lakes and their share of fun roads to ride; but I bet you’d find yourself a little ‘homesick’ for the Aloha State too.  Continue reading

Embroidery is now available!

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I mentioned some cool changes on the website the other day and it’s now time to officially announce the biggest addition to the Three Mutts Custom Leather line up. Through a new partnership, I now have access to a great, local embroidery service that can work with leather.

I’ll obviously continue to hand tool and color bibs for those that are looking for a traditional look and feel but for those looking for full color artwork with cost in mind, there is embroidery.  Typically, full color will double or triple the artwork cost as hand coloring tooled leather is very time consuming and for large works like the St. Michael bib can end up running hundreds of dollars just for the artwork.

I’ll be updating the website shortly to include embroidery options for your custom leather tank and fender bib requests but if you would like a quote before that happens, just drop me a line.  In the meantime, here are some examples of the embroidery going into two pieces being worked on now.  The Harley #1  is for a 2006 Harley Davidson FXDi35 35th Anniversary Edition rear fender bib and the ‘white widow’ is for a 2004 VTX1300 whaletail tank bib.  I don’t want to ruin the surprise of the completed projects yet so you’ll just have to wait for those pics a few days while I finish the work!


image Harley #1 Embroidery

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