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Three Mutts and a Big Dog…

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a 2007 Big Dog Mastiff that is…yes, I have finally found someone wanting to leather up a Big Dog chopper and Mike’s blue and silver beast looks sweet with it. Mike picked up a custom Danny Gray seat with blue stitched flames not too long ago and asked if they knew someone who could/would make a bib to go along with it.  A few conversations and stitches later and Mike’s sporting a tuxedo style tank bib with a royal blue maltese cross inlay with silver heavy stitching.  Enjoy the pics…

Custom stitching now available on tank and fender bibs!

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A recent request prompted me to test out my sewing skills and verify that custom stitching would be a possibility.  I’m happy to report that the project worked out nicely and I can now offer custom stitching on tank bibs, fender bibs and bag flaps in some basic styles like flames, tribal patterns and multiple color geometric patterns.  I haven’t tried words or small detailed stitching yet due to time but plan to get that on the drawing table by the end of the year.  I mention basic shapes and styles as I am doing this ‘by hand’ meaning I am hand guiding the sewing machine to make the designs.  Stitching takes me almost as long as hand tooling does (due mainly to taking my time with a new technique)  but the stitching rates will be 1/2 of tooling rates, quoted by the hour, plus the thread cost since it is less labor intensive and I will get faster eventually!  😉
Here are some pics of my first forays into custom stitching, if you have a request feel free to drop me a line.  There is a great selection of colors available and some I already have in stock.  Here is a link to my preferred vendor’s color list: if you want to see what will work best with your project before hand.  And just so those curious few have one less question to ask, yes I will be offering multiple color stitching, it simply requires an extra thread charge for the additional color(s).

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