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Harley-Davidson Blackline & Slim rear fender bibs

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The Blackline & Slim rear fender bibs have been a popular request lately so I thought they needed their own post to clarify and add some pics.  That’s right, if you’re looking for a custom rear fender bib for your 2011+ Harley Davidson Softail Blackline (FXS) or 2012+ Harley Davidson Softail Slim (FLS), I can make them!

The Blackline & Slim rear fender bibs mount using the factory rear pillon bolt and the single-centered rear seat bolt with a ton of space (approx. 10″ x 5 1/4″) in between for chrome spots, decorative lacing and custom tooling.

They are made using the same Grade A Hermann Oak 6oz. leather & kangaroo edge lacing as my tank bibs and have a light curve formed to them so they lay down on the fender nicely right out of the box! Standard colors include Black, Mahogany, Antique Black and Antique Brown, Saddle Tan and Natural. Edge lacing comes in a variety of colors like those above as well as royal blue, fire red, bright yellow, white, electric green, metallic silver (looks like brushed aluminum) and more…just ask!


Here are a few pics of the new Blackline & Slim bibs in various configurations:
2011 Harley Blackline FXS Fender bib2011+ Harley Blackline and Slim rear fender bibs2011 Harley Blackline FXS Fender bib with handtooled swan logo

Summer Featured Project

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2002 VTX1800C "Evil Twin"Now that Fall is upon us and Winter is approaching, at least that’s what the non-California folks are telling me, it’s about time I posted the pics from the Summer Showcase Project!

For those that missed the previous ones, the Showcase Project is a job I pick out of the custom leather jobs I do during that period.  Typically, they entail something new, unusual or incorporate multiple pieces are part of a theme.
To see the two previous ones, click here –> Winter 2011   Spring 2012

With that out of the way, let’s take in the fun that is Alan’s 2002 VTX1800C aptly named “Evil Twin”. This red and black beauty started out as a salvaged bike Alan brought home on a trailer, dents all over, forks bent and front wheel laying on the flat bed by itself.  A lesser enthusiast would have left it where it was but not this Canadian home modder.  Months of finding parts, getting tins paints, and of course coordinating the leatherwork paid off in the long run.

For my part, Alan wanted to highlight the V-Twin engine and the black & red theme while making sure folks new this from-the-ashes build was to be called.  Evil twin features a whaletail tank bib with chrome spots, hand tooled & painted V-Twin engine artwork; a rear fender bib with chrome spots, ‘chaos pebble’ background, hand painted tooling and a custom maker’s plate; leather wrapped side covers with the same tooling from the tank bib and red edge lacing and a modified backrest pad that I added the chrome spots and VTX logo center patch to (not shown).

Enjoy! ~Chris

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New Handlebar toolbag design!

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Last month, Josh (Black Swan fender bib) hit me up about making a handlebar bag to match the rear fender bib for his 2011 Harley Blackline.  We discussed going with a more heavy duty look & style and incorporating the Black Swan icon.  After some planning & patterning, here’s the new roll style handlebar bag I’ll be offering.  Josh was good enough to send some awesome pics showing off the bag, fender bib and of course his bike!



2011 Harley Davidson Blackline “Black Swan” – handlebar bag & rear fender bib

2011 Harley Blackline with Handlebar Tool roll/tool bag & rear fender bib additional pics Continue reading

A ton of updates coming finally!

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Time sure does get away from you when you’re busy, doesn’t it?  It’s been almost 2 1/2 months since my last confession blog update. So rather than overwhelm all four of you that read my blog, I’ll break it down into a couple of posts including the long overdue Summer Showcase Project.  I’m also doing some housekeeping of old/outdated/irrelevant posts.  Let’s get things rolling with a few pictures of recent jobs, shall we?

  • 2002 VTX1800R whaletail tank bib with VTX Knight/1800 tooling & chrome spots
  • 2002 VTX1800R with full color Eagle & flag tooled artwork, “Let Freedom Ring”
  • 2003 VTX1800C Flarecut tank bib with USMC logo tooling
  • 2007 VTX1800F leather wrapped side covers with chrome spots and yellow edge lacing
  • 2005 VTX1800N whaletail tank bib with royal blue buckstitch and bleed knot concho

There’s more coming, so stay tuned!

2002 VTX1800R Whaletail tank bib2002 VTX1800R Whaletail tank bib

2003 VTX1800C Flarecut tank bib with USMC logo tooling2007 VTX1800F leather wrapped side covers2005 VTX1800N whaletail tank bib

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