back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I’ve been busy with orders for the last week so I haven’t posted much since trumpeting the Bearman Mauls my friends Ed & Beary make. So, without further ado, let the bikes roll back into sight to show off their custom leather goodness…

First up, this bib was a crazy project but in the end it looks damn sexy on the bike. The bike also sports a materials matching wedge shaped handlebar bag and a recovered backrest all with “Pebble Chaos” tooling and Stingray inlay. Here’s the 2011 Honda VT1300 Interstate set with the bib shown on the bike.  UPDATE: I received a pic of the backrest pad installed, included it in the gallery below.

Actually, instead of a long post I’ll break this into two since the Road King has so many pictures to go along with it.


VT1300 Interstate tank bib with Stingray InlayVT1300 Interstate bib and backrest padBackrest pad with Stingray inlay

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