Handlebar bag with Stingray inlay

A new client asked me to make a handlebar bag for her 2010 Honda VT1300CT but she didn’t want the typical roll style tubular bag. She asked for something low profile but still capable of carrying a decent amount of stuff. As things progressed, we talked about doing my chaos tooling pattern on the flap, then that progressed to stingray inlay when she started talking about a gray & black color scheme. In the end I designed a wedge shaped bag that tapers both on the width and the thickness. Stingray inlay on the flap and the chaos tooling pattern on the body with matching tooling on the flap strap.

The outer body is 6oz. cowhide with 4oz goatskin lining on the inside of the flap. Gray Stingray from Ostrich Market (great quality & service btw) for the inlay, kangaroo for the lacing. We also decided on lockable roller buckles for all three straps so she can lock the items in and lock the bag to the bike if desired. The inside of the bag is also lined with gray fabric and I carried the point that appears on the flap and front tooling to the inside where the goatskin & fabric meet.


(Click the images to enlarge)
Handlebar bag with Stingray inlayHandlebar bag with Stingray inlay - rear viewHandlebar bag with Stingray inlay - interior

Visit the main website: http://www.threemuttscustoms.com!

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