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Shadow Aero 750 mini-solo bag

Posted in custom work, Honda Shadow Aero 750, Inspiration, Leatherwork, Motorcycles, Three Mutts Customs with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on July 22, 2011 by Chris Wright

Last September I talked about designing and making mini solo bags for the Aero & Spirit 750 (here is the original post). Well, at the time the prototype didn’t generate as much interest as I was looking for so the idea went back to the drawing board.

Skip forward to earlier this month when a fellow rider saw the article and dropped me a line about finishing the design and making him one of the solo bags for the left side. Yep, I can do that! I spent a couple of nights refining the design and the bracket, added some lacing to give it a chain drive look to the edge, swapped in a roller bar buckle instead of the Sam Browne button and viola! It looks awesome. Here is the first one completed, I’ll be making a pair for my bike shortly as I liked them quite a bit.

The first two pics show the prototype from a year ago and a view of the bracket in the factory peg mount…


Mini Solo Bag - front viewMini Solo Bag - side viewMini Solo Bag - rear viewMini Solo Bag - mounted view

Whaletail and standard tank bib listing

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I have finally completed my VTX gas tank collection with my most recent arrival, the elusive 2002-2004 VTX1800 R/S tank.  I figured this would be a good time to post an updated list of the models & years I have available to make whaletail tank bibs for.  Obviously, if it’s on this list I can make flarecut and tuxedo style bibs for them as well.  Three Mutts Whaletail tank bibs are fully wet formed, wrap around bibs made from natural cowhide tanned in the good ol’ USA.  For more information on pricing and options, visit the main website:


Tank bib model list (updated 10/24/2012):

2004+ Honda Shadow Aero 750
2003+ Honda Shadow Spirit 750
2009+ Honda Phantom 750

1998-2002  Honda Shadow Aero 1100
1997-2003 Honda Valkyrie Standard (GL1500)

2004-2009 Honda VTX 1300C
2003-2009 Honda VTX 1300S
2005-2009 Honda VTX 1300R

2002-2008 Honda VTX 1800C
2002-2008 Honda VTX 1800R
2002-2008 Honda VTX 1800S
2005-2008 Honda VTX 1800T
2005-2008 Honda VTX 1800F
2005-2008 Honda VTX 1800N

2010+ Honda VT1300 Fury/Sabre/Interstate/Stateline
1999-2009 Yamaha V-Star 1100’s
1998-2010 Yamaha V-Star 650’s

’95-03 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 (3.2 gal tank)
’97-’03 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 (3.2 gal. tank)

Previous Whaletail, Flarecut & Tuxedo style bib projects:

2006 VTX1800T1 whaletail tank bibUS Navy Pin-up Aero 750 tank bib2007 VTX1800N1 whaletail tank bib

"Cricket" 2007 Shadow Spirit 750 Whaletail bib installedPOW-MIA VTX1800F1 tank bib installed2006 Honda Shadow Aero 750 Flarecut Tank bibWhaletail tank bib with studs

Custom Aero 750 Fender bib

Posted in custom work, Honda Shadow Aero 750, Leatherwork, Motorcycles, Three Mutts Customs with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 4, 2011 by Chris Wright

Over the last few weeks with being off work & home with the baby and mama to help out, I needed something to do in my down time so I decided to figure out making the rear fender bibs for the Aeros. Naturally, I needed something with my leather biz name and logo on it and figured while I was at it I’d throw a business card holder on there too. 😉 In the first pic I put my old Mustang fender bib next to the one I made to show the improvement in quality and materials.


Custom Shadow Aero 750 fender bib - top viewCustom Shadow Aero 750 fender bib - side view

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