Binocular case – replication & update of WWII case design

My friend has a pair of binoculars that his grandfather used in WWII and a case that he used but previously belonged to another soldier. Not wanting to subject the case to further damage but still wanting to be able to use the binoculars and store them securely, he asked me to make the same case but to update it with better stitching and 100% leather instead of the cardboard/lining leather they used for the original case. So here is my recreation of the bag but in black/chrome with his family last name initial tooled into the lid. 6oz. W & C leather with 1.5oz kidskin lining on the inside of the flap. I also updated the strap from the 3-4oz. originally used to 8oz to help the new one last as long if not longer than the original. Enjoy!

View of binocular bags open More Pics after the jumpFront Views of new & old binocular bagsback view of binocular bagsside & edge views of binocular bags

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