Burgundy dye color recipe

I need a custom dye color mixed for a bib job I’m working on. A Burgundy/ Wine color per the client’s request to match the two tone paint on his bike, black & burgundy. I wanted a true color instead of using a trick like brown antique over red as true burgundy has a hint of blue and yellow per my color charts. So, after some research and mix testing, here it is. Unfortunately, Fiebing doesn’t make some of the colors needed so Eco-Flow was used.

18 parts Scarlet Red
10 parts Evening Blue
4 parts Sunshine Yellow

If you want/need a little darker, add 1-2 parts of Coal Black until you have the shade you want.

I used a liquid medicine measuring syringe from the local drugstore (cost about $3) to do the measurements in CCs. Makes about 4-5 tsp or dye, which a quite a bit when airbrushing it on. Computers don’t show color differences that well, but there are a few sample shots after the jump. 

Here’s the test panel against my black & silver tank:

Burgundy dye color test panel

Here it is against my medium brown denim jacket so show the difference:

Burgundy dye test panel versus brown

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