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Looking to learn about leatherworking?

Posted in Inspiration, Leatherwork with tags , , , on September 14, 2010 by Chris Wright

I’ve gotten a few emails about folks wanting to learn leatherworking so I thought I would start a resource guide.  I thought about actually doing an instructional article series, and I may still do that one day, but it made more sense to point people to the folks that already have articles and websites dedicated to leatherworking instruction and have been doing it for years. Check out the following online tutorials & websites…

Websites: Paul Burnett has a great series of free newsletter style set of leatherworking tutorials online.  When you visit his website, scroll down to the bottom right and sign up for the free newsletter.  He isn’t producing new ones, but this will give you access to the past tutorials.  Once you get through those and are wanting more, check out his extended tutorials for purchase, they are worth every penny. This is an excellent website for leatherworkers.  It has a community forum for asking questions, posting your work for feedback and looking for answers.  Many professionals and suppliers call LW their forum home.  Don’t forget to check out the gallery, loads of inspiration there!

Kingsmere Crafts: Kingsmere is the website for a UK leatherworker, David Bohland-Thoms, who has set up a literal metric ton (or is that tonne?)  😉 of online tutorials.  His Mexican Basket Weave tutorial is the best illustrated article I have found online or in books.  Kingsmere tutorials cover various projects, lacing & stitching techniques, tools, leather terms and more.

Tandy Leather Factory: Tandy has been around for years.  They are great for the beginning leatherworker with the largest retail chain store list or any other leather supplier.  Many locations offer project based classes for free (you buy the materials) and they have a large selection of starter kits & tools. They also have a number of free patterns online!

Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal: A leather-working bi-monthly magazine with how-to, step-by-step instructional articles using full-size  patterns for leathercraft, leather art, custom saddle, boot and harness  making, etc.  A large resource for leather, tools, machinery and allied  materials plus leather industry news.

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