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The cog shall live again…

Posted in Inspiration, Music, Uncategorized with tags , , on August 13, 2010 by Chris Wright

If these guys have their way that is.  Excellent music for inspiring great images while making Steampunk related items.
I’m coming up with 2-3 designs for new bags, belt, shoulder and hip styles.  I’ll likely focus on belt style as I plan on making some waist/utility belts to go along with them for folks trying to complete their outfit.  Loads of copper, brass and leather and some kick ass latches I found online.  In the meantime, give these guys a listen!

The Cog is Dead

You can visit their website:
or listen to them here:

Caring for your leather goods

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These folks have been around a looong time!

This is a post I have over at the Shadow Aero 750 forums that I thought made sense to share here as well.  Most people have something made of leather, whether it is a motorcycle accessory, a personal accessory, home furniture or some other item.  While leather is extremely durable and even it’s faux counterpart, Vinyl, can last a while; they still need some TLC every so often so they last generations vs. years.

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